Hey Steve! I’d like to get strong? How do you get strong? How long will it take me to get strong? These questions are often asked by clients who are seeking to get stronger. In my first installment, I told you about Skinny G. He got strong, yes! He followed my program...

A lot of people come to me and ask me: How can I get strong? My first response is stay healthy. By that, I mean not only with the food you eat but with the training you do. A few years back, I was working in a commercial gym and a skinny guy came around 9 pm and asked...

What is the first question you ask yourself when it comes to everything you do in life? School, training, working, investing?  You want results, right?  In the world that we live in, everything we do, we want results! Why? We need performance and we need to win!


In the training world, the best trainers who will raise above the rest are the ones who evaluate! Just getting the muscle assessment is only one third of the solution! What about the mobility and flexibility? Testing is getting more and more precise and technical. In o...

Now that everyone wants to train to get in better shape or to perform better. Most people will try anything to get to their goal.  For example, the infamous 6 packs and getting lean is the norm these day. It remains a classic and a lot of people will do anything to get...

Many will probably answer yes to this question but unfortunately, the real answer is no. Why? I will explain why and how I work with these people.

First, let me say that I don’t believe in a commercial gym for performance. Why? They don’t know squat about athletes and /...

One, two maybe more ways you will say. Some of you will say a thousand ways. Well, in my book, there are only 4.

1 - Train

2 - Eat good stuff

3 - Sleep

4 - Manage your stress

Remember, the best results come with the simplest things. So, keep everything simple and the result...

Dans notre jeunesse, nous avons tous vus les exploits de Hulk, Superman, Capitaine America, etc. qui sauvaient des gens dans des situations extrêmes en utilisant le pouvoir de leur force. Ceux-ci sont des exemples fictifs, mais Louis Cyr à une autre époque et plus réce...

Le temps des fêtes est terminé et beaucoup d’entre vous songer déjà à vos entrainements de Janvier.  Le congé de Noël est un grand classique, mais pour les assidus d’entre nous, l’entraînement prend peu ou pas de repos. La période qui suit le temps des fêtes est très o...

Dans le monde de l’entraînement, les mouvements classiques sont souvent utilisés pour développer le pectoral, les jambes, les bras, etc., mais de nouvelles techniques d’activation ont vus le jour avec les hommes forts. Ces exercices développent les capacités de force,...

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September 29, 2018

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