Can firefighters and police officers who workout at a commercial gym make the cut?

Many will probably answer yes to this question but unfortunately, the real answer is no. Why? I will explain why and how I work with these people.

First, let me say that I don’t believe in a commercial gym for performance. Why? They don’t know squat about athletes and / or clients that need performance in their work. In this case, the firefighters / police officers need strength. Yes, you read it right, strength. Most of them train for endurance and unless you work with a Segway the you don’t need training (It’s a joke! You still need to train there). In most of these cases, they will; take down doors, ceilings, extract people from a bad situation, control someone on the ground, etc…

They all need strength. Most do cardio like there is no tomorrow. I’m not saying that cardio should be left in the drawer, but done in a better way. By that, I mean interval training. This could be long, medium or short intervals. This way, you increase your cardio vascular capacity faster than jogging around the block. (Waste of time in my opinion).

When it comes to strength. These workers should be able to lift weights, push weights, recover fast and do it again. They should be READY FOR ACTION AT ANY TIME. If you look at the work they do, they need to be fast and able to run fast to get out of a building or catch a criminal.

As you can see, it’s a very physical job! Even if some people say that cops do nothing and they sit in their car all day. Yes, at times, but when they work, they work hard and they will use strength and speed as well. Same goes for firefighters.

Now for the training. Yes, I would work them out pretty much the same way and they will do hard work. For example, the cylinder in a firefighter gear last about 20 Mins. After that, they get out, take a small brake, drink some water and get back into the action. A police-officer called to work in intervention will last about 15 to 20 mins. Both must perform at 100% of their capacity.

This is the way I split the week (The cycle last 3 weeks with Week 4 is a deload).

Do this once or twice a week for rehabilitation or prevention. Most of the time, I add this to the modified strongman workout to prevent injuries in order to make the shoulder girdle and the pelvis area stronger. There are a thousand ways to do it and this is just an example. The important way is to alternate the maximum effort day and the speed day.

The best combination is to alternate speed and strength in a week and add some modified strongman for sports. This should do the trick. As you can see, both law-enforcers and firefighters need to work-out to get better at their jobs.

Now it’s your turn to make them better. Can you do it? Oh, and the answer to the question is no, not a commercial gym can make it. Why? Well, asked them about their modified strongman program and let me know!

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