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This page is dedicated to explain how to meet the requirements to qualify to compete to the Arnold's Sports Festival 2020 in Columbus, Ohio.


First and foremost, the meet is a IPA Canada meet and rules remain the same. IPA Canada is the only approved federation as an XPC qualifier in Canada. We are not being sanctioned by XPC, this simply would allow lifters to qualify for the Arnold's Sports Festival. 


There`s no purchase necessary for an XPC membership in order to qualify for the Arnold's but your IPA membership is mandatory to compete in an IPA Canada meet.


Equipped lifters can only qualify for the Arnold's if they wear equipment lifting gear such as shirts, suits and briefs. For bench shirts, the following rules apply:  any number of sewn layers is allowed as long as it is constructed as one shirt. There is no restriction on the thickness or type of material as long as it is one suit.  Questions regarding equipment can be directed to: [email protected] 

We will be definitely drug testing at the meet. XPC is strict with their Elite totals, it will be a must, and IPA Canada want to be able to back up your results if needs be.

Qualifying totals

For Full Power: See attached. Achieving these totals will allow the lifter to qualify in the Pro day or Elite day (Elite = drug tested).


There are no qualifying totals posted for Bench Only categories. However, people have to do a qualifying meet in other to qualify. So it's a first-come, first-serve basis for bench only. 

The meet will have a Push-Pull category but there are no Push-Pull at the Arnold's therefore you cannot qualify for it in that category.


There's a possibility to qualify to the "Novice" day if they don't make the qualifying totals. There's a separate day for that at the Arnold's, along with the bench only people. Masters, teens, and juniors also lift on this day.


It is the lifter's responsibility to turn in their own results and qualifying numbers via the Lifter Application on the XPC Worlds website to be considered to lift at the Arnold's. Meeting a qualifying total will not place you automatically in the roster. IPA Canada only offers the opportunity to throw your hat in the ring for the possibility to be considered by XPC Worlds for the Arnold's Sports Festival. 


IPA Canada & SSP Barbell Club (9467483 Canada Inc.) will not be held responsible if you meet a qualifying totals, submit your results, pay the fees and are not selected by XPC Worlds to be on the roster. We have no say in these decisions. If you are selected on the roster of the Arnold Sports Festival, it is the lifter's responsibility to make all travel arrangements and pay all fees related to participating. IPA Canada and SSP Barbell Club (9467483 Canada Inc.) will assume no cost on the lifter's behalf.


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